has partnered with some of the best manufactures on the planet to create LED Packages for home use. These packages of LED bulbs deliver real savings and value every time your customers switch them on. They have an excellent price point and they deliver a very high margin directly to your organization. Advantages

  • We meet with you to discuss your fundraising needs and goals
  • Create custom sets of LED bulb packages, allowing you to reach your goals in the shortest period of time
  • Custom web landing page powered by our robust and secure online sales platform
  • Sales can be made all online, in person or both
  • Sponsors can view sales progress towards goals in almost real time
  • Free marketing materials provided
  • Sponsor will receive all the fundraising tools necessary, and an assembly can be scheduled* to kick off the sale
  • We will process the orders and ship directly to customers. You decide your active sales period and we provide the service throughout
  • Opportunity to keep on earning past the active sales period